Sketch drawing of Julius Suman Twitter Profile Picture


UZSI Investigates Babis’s Twitter Troll Julius Suman

Andrej Babiš, Communist StB Agent

Prague, June 7 (CTK) – The Office for Foreign Relations and Information (UZSI), that is the Czech civilian intelligence service, is looking into cyber attacks on PM Andrej Babis (ANO), which have been conducted through a Twitter account named Julius Suman since 2017, the writes today.


The account published several documents and recordings linked to Babis’s cases.


In one of the recordings, Babis allegedly communicates with daily Mlada fronta Dnes editor because of publication of articles that would damage the Social Democrats (CSSD) and Civic Democrats (ODS).


Babis said the recordings were manipulated and filed a criminal complaint on account of them.


“Property matters are being investigated, as well as possible abuse of the UZSI against Babis. The media have written about the property matters, but both is being investigated,” chairman of the Chamber of Deputies commission for the control of UZSI’s activities Pavel Blazek (ODS) told the server.


The economic management of the UZSI is being looked into by the UZSI inspection supervised by the High State Attorney.


Neither the UZSI nor the High State Attorney have commented on the matter, according to the server.


In May, Interior Minister Lubomir Metnar (for ANO) suspended UZSI head Jiri Sasek due to the investigation of UZSI’s economic management with regard to a suspicion of material purchases for inadequately high prices.


Metnar also previously said the UZSI might have been conducting activities outside of its scope of authority. This could relate to spying on people in the Czech Republic.


Last year, Sasek rejected speculations about the link of UZSI to the Suman account.


The Internet group chose the name Suman based on a Communist secret police (StB) officer Julius Suman who, according to archive documents, won Babis for cooperation with the StB as an agent in 1982. The recordings began to appear on the account early in May 2017.