Vesa Equity Investment Takes 3.05% Stake In Sainsbury’s

Daniel Křetínský’s Vesa Equity Investment bought a 3.05 percent stake in the British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, making it the fourth-largest shareholder in the company.

Křetínský and partner Patrik Tkáč have long invested in retail, wholesale, and e-commerce companies. Vesa recently increased its stake in the French retail company Casino, where it now has a 7.15 percent stake in assets and a 5.18 percent stake in voting rights.

Through EP Global Commerce (EPGC), Křetínský and Tkáč also hold 29.99 percent of the shares of the German chain Metro and co-own a forty percent stake in Mall Group. EPGC is Metra’s largest shareholder and seeks to increase its stake in the company.