William Malcolm

VZP Expects To Lose 5.9 Billion Crowns In 2022

Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna (VZP) is going to manage a deficit of 5.9 billion crowns next year. A budget of 9.7 billion is planned in the budget approved for this year, and last year VZP ran a deficit of 5.1 billion crowns. The insurance company should be in the red next year, despite the higher planned collection of premiums or an increase in payments for state insured persons. A deficit is also expected in the next two years. This follows from the draft health insurance plan for 2022 and the outlook for 2023 and 2024. The head of the VZP board of directors, Věra Adámková (YES), presented the plan at a press conference today. According to her, the insurance company will cover the deficits from its reserves.

“The health insurance plan is drawn up very conservatively and as a deficit plan,” said Adamkova. According to her, the proposal reflects the growth of health care wages.

The insurance company expects total revenues of 255.5 billion crowns for next year. Compared to this year, they would be 14.6 billion higher, ie 6.1 percent. Total expenditures are likely to exceed revenues by 5.9 billion. “The deficit will be fully covered from the existing VZP reserves,” Adámková added. The insurance company had done the same before.

According to the plan, 6.1 billion crowns more will be raised for health insurance next year than this year, ie by 4.1 percent. From January, the state should pay 200 crowns more for children, the elderly or the unemployed. Now the payment for the so-called state insured is 1767 crowns. Health care costs are expected to rise by 12.6 billion crowns compared to this year. According to Adámková, the amount is based on the prepared reimbursement decree on the reimbursement of care. Expenses due to the covid epidemic are also planned. According to VZP director Zdeněk Kabátek, it should be eight billion. This year, the insurance company has spent over 16 billion on the treatment of covid patients, vaccinations and testing.

At the end of next year, the insurance company should have a reserve of CZK 20.1 billion in its accounts. According to Adámková, this will enable her to cover the planned deficits in the next two years as well. In 2023, the VZP management expects a deficit of 10.4 billion crowns and in 2024 9.2 billion crowns.

The management plan and outlook are not yet final. They may be adjusted after further discussion. “There can be a maximum of improvements,” Adámková is convinced.