Wanzl Announces Record Sales Of Kc981 Million

Czech Industry and Trade Ministry

Hnevotin, North Moravia, April 30 (CTK) – Wanzl, a company making shopping trolleys and equipment for logistic and Internet companies, raised its sales annually by a third to record-breaking Kc981m in 2017 thanks to expansion of its production facilities, according to the company’s annual report.


Wanzl’s profit dropped from Kc57.4m in 2016 to less than Kc37m in 2017, the annual report said.


Revenues from sales of Wanzl’s products increased year-on-year by 50 percent, company executive Roman Adami said in the report.


Last year, Wanzl completed its Kc200m investment in Hnevotin’s production facility expansion, raising the number of its employees.


Staff numbers grew to 435, Adami said. The company employed 350 people before putting the new facility into operation.


The entire European production of Wanzl group’s shopping trolley wire racks will be located in Hnevotin in the coming years.


Wanzl’s Czech branch was established in Olomouc, northern Moravia, in 1991, opening a production plant in Hnevotin five years later.


Wanzl group is the world’s largest manufacturer of shopping trolleys.