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Zeman Attacks Allies: Strike On Syria ‘Cowboy’ Action Contrary To Rule Of Law

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Prague, April 15 (CTK) – The attack against any country can only be made with the consent of the U.N. Security Council, President Milos Zeman said today, reacting to the Saturday night air strike by the USA, Britain and France on targets in Syria over the chemical attack a week ago.


“I hold the clear view that the armed attack on any country can only be conducted with the mandate of the United Nations Security Council,” Zeman said.


“There is the only exception I recognise if there is an armed attack on Islamist terrorists such as in Afghanistan. This is naturally not the case of Syria,” Zeman said.


Zeman told the radio station Frekvence 1 the air strike was a cowboy action. It prevents the return of refugees to Syria, which has already started, he added.


“If a cowboy project impedes the positive news, it is a mistake, to put it mildly,” Zeman said.


Zeman said the West had “subverted” the Middle East. He mentioned the invasions of Iraq and Libya. Both operations were nonsense, added.


“An intelligent man makes one mistake and does not repeat it. A man with average intelligence or, rather, feeble-mindedness, makes two mistakes in a row. What can one say about those who make the same mistake three times, ” Zeman said.


Zeman said Prime Minister Andrej Babis’s first reaction to the air strike had been short-sighted.


On Saturday, Babis said the air strike was unavoidable. After meeting Zeman today, Babis said the air strike did not resolve anything.


Zeman said Babis had wanted to show solidarity with the statements by foreign and defence ministers, Martin Stropnicky and Karla Slechtova (all for ANO).


“I would like to send the following message to these ministers: You are, at least for the time being, the ministers of the government of the Czech Republic, not of the USA, Britain or France,” he added.


Stropnicky and Slechtova backed the air strike on Saturday.