Czech President Milos Zeman

Matt Atlas

Zeman Calls Transgender People ‘Disgusting’

President Miloš Zeman called transgender people “disgusting” in an interview on CNN Prima news, on Sunday, while discussing Hungary’s new anti-LGBTQ law. He then remarked that if he were younger, he would call for a giant demonstration of heterosexuals in Prague.

“I can understand gays, lesbians, and so on. But do you know who I don’t understand at all? These are the transgender ones, “Zeman said. According to the president, if someone surgically changes their gender, they “commit the crime of self-harm.” “Every operation is a risk. And these transgender people are really disgusting to me,” Zeman said.

Zeman commented on the topic of the LGBTQ community in connection with the controversial Hungarian law, which restricts sexual education in the area of same-sex relationships. The law has already been condemned by 17 countries of the European Union, but the Czechia is still silent. According to Zeman, these states should not interfere in the affairs of Hungary.

According to Zeman, in principle he agrees with the steps of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his government. He said that he was bothered by “suffragettes”, the #MeToo movement or the annual gay and lesbian event Prague Pride.

“If I were a little younger, I would organize a huge demonstration of heterosexuals in Prague. And there will be millions of us. And I will take buses and trains to Prague for all heterosexuals so that everyone can see how meaningless it is, “Zeman added.

Sexual orientation is a private matter, Zeman says

According to the head of state, sexual orientation is a matter for the individual. “If someone is a member of this or that sexual minority, it is their internal business. When he demonstrates that he has this orientation, he exalts himself above the others, “Zeman added, adding that it is pointless for a sexual minority to demonstrate.

However, the president further stated that he has nothing against teaching sex education, including LGBT groups, but only in high school. “We’re talking about elementary school kids here. The children can’t even really understand that, “Zeman added.