Zeman Confronted in Polling Station by Feman Activist

Prague, Jan 12 (CTK) – The half-naked Femen activist who attacked President Milos Zeman at the polling station on the first day of the presidential election today was detained and is investigated over breach of the peace, Prague police spokesman Tomas Hulan has told journalists.


The woman, identified as Femen activist Angelina Diash, had the slogan “Zeman, Putin’s Slut” written in white on her bare breast. She was able to run with her hands up to Zeman, shouting the slogan at him.


She was immediately seized and pushed down by a bodyguard. Another police rushed to Zeman and pushed him to the desk where members of the election commission were sitting.


Then the woman was forced out of the room.


Hulan said the detectives wanted to finish the case in a shortened procedure and pass it to court as fast as possible.


Diash was taken into custody where she can be held maximally for 48 hours.


The police made a very good job when Zeman was attacked, Pavel Caprata, chairman of the Association of Bodyguards of the Czech Republic, has told journalists.


Caprata said Zeman’s bodyguards had reacted adequately.


However, it should be checked how the activist got into the polling station.


Caprata said her presence in the polling station was a sort of failure.


The CTK reporter on the scene said the woman had come to the polling station at least 30 minutes in advance and mixed with journalists.


She did not seem suspicious because foreign crews of reporters were waiting for Zeman, too.


The incident is being investigated by the Prague police.


Diash, 26, makes her living as a model. She joined Femen in 2009.


She has staged a number of spectacular dramatic events such as a vulgar attack on Belarusian President Lukashenko and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko at their joint press conference last year.


By trying to break up a Berlin Wall fragment, put on display in Kiev, she wanted to protest against the reluctance of the Western countries to grant visa-free contact with Europe to Ukrainians.