Petr Dubinsky

Zeman: Hungary An ‘Honorable Neighbor’ And ‘Defender Of European Culture’

Miloš Zeman

Czech President Miloš Zeman was officially welcomed by Hungarian President János Áder at the Sándor Palace in Budapest on Wednesday morning. The Czech News Agency informs that the two heads of state talked about deepening economic integration, supporting nuclear energy and the need for a reform of the European Union. Discussions also shifted to widening Visegrad Four co-operation when it comes to combating terrorist threats and illegal migration.


In his speech, President Zeman described Hungary as a “defender of European culture” and said he considers Hungary, which does not border the Czech Republic directly, an “honorable neighbor”. He also said that the European Commission “should not play” at being a European government and that national governments should decide on question of EU budget allocations.


The Czech president is also set to meet with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán later in the day.