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Zeman: Iran Sanctions Must Be Abolished

Miloš Zeman, Trump

Berlin, Sept 21 (CTK correspondent) – The Czech Republic is interested in trading with Iran, and it would be therefore good to abolish the sanctions against Iran, President Milos Zeman told journalists in Berlin at the close of his three-day official visit today.


Zeman also criticised US President Donald Trump’s policy of raising customs duties.


Students are taught at their first university lectures that protectionism is a scourge and that customs duties are harmful for both sides, he said.


“As you know, the USA has decided to sanction those European companies that will trade with Iran,” Zeman recalled.


“The Czech Republic and Czech companies are interested in trading with Iran, and I am here to defend Czech national interests,” Zeman said, explaining the position he held during his talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other German politicians.


Zeman and Merkel also discussed the risk of a trade war between the USA and China. According to Zeman, this war might grow into another global economic crisis.