About Prague Business Journal

The New Prague Business Journal is a news and opinion website founded in 2017. Our site features aggregated, syndicated, translated and original content focusing on the key political and financial trends taking place in today’s Czech Republic and related news in the European community.


The website was founded by Al Hoffman, a US-born expatriate media entrepreneur who recently retired to live in the Czech Republic.  PBJ welcomes a diversity of voices to publish, and those interested in submitting contributions, please visit our page detailing submission guidelines.




Al Hoffman – founder and executive editor 


Born in Cincinatti, Ohio, Albert Hoffman was been responsible for the development of corporate communications platforms for several Fortune 100 companies in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries, including the design, marketing strategy, and launch of five different trade magazines. Following extended postings to Switzerland, Hungary, and Russia, he retired with his wife to live in Prague, Czech Republic in 2014 – and thus PBJ was born out of spare time and a growing interest in following Czech public life.


Petr Dubinsky – reporter


Petr Dubinsky is a Prague-based reporter and blogger focused on covering politics, society, and sports, among other interests.


William Malcolm – business and opinion contributor 


William (“Bill”) A Malcolm has worked in Europe for more than 25 years as a consultant on political risk to companies such as Deloitte, Zurich, and AXA. Previous to his consulting career, Bill worked as a freelance journalist in Hungary and Slovakia, with a focus on financial markets and fiscal policy.


Matt Atlas – political correspondent 


Matt Atlas is a Canadian-born journalist who earned his degree at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam ahead of assignments to Budapest and Istanbul. He currently lives in Prague where he can regularly be found enjoying a pilsener on the closest available sunny corner.