Slovakia Enters Lockdown Amid COVID Surge

Today, in connection with the unfavorable epidemic situation surrounding the covid-19 disease, the Slovak government approved a nationwide two-week closure, Economy Minister Richard Sulík told reporters. According to him, at the time of the so-called lockdown, only stores with basic needs will be open from the stores, and employers will check the covid certificates of employees […]

MEPs Approve CAP Reform

In a final vote today, MEPs approved a reform of the common agricultural policy (CAP), which will affect the shape of agriculture in the member states of the European bloc in the five-year period from 2023 and determine how European agricultural subsidies are redistributed. The planned changes are aimed at increasing environmental friendliness, better support for […]

US Imposes Sanctions On Another Nord Stream 2 Firm

The United States imposed further sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline on Monday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said. The target is the company Transadria, connected with Russia, and its ship, which worked on the pipeline, wrote the AP agency. Nord Stream 2 is to bring natural gas from Russia to Germany along the bottom […]