Almost 200 European Airports Face Insolvency

Nearly two hundred European airports face insolvency in the coming months if passenger air traffic does not begin to recover at the end of the year, according to the association of European airports, ACI Europe. It considers 193 airports to be at risk, contributing € 12.4 billion (CZK 339.1 billion) to gross domestic product (GDP) […]

Google Search Rivals Urge EU To Revisit Android Antitrust Case

In an open letter to the European Commission (EC), Google search engine rivals, including the Czech company Seznam, called on the EC to arrange a trilateral meeting with the search giant. The five search engine companies want to work together to address concerns about Google’s continued dominance over devices running its Android operating system with […]

WTO Rules EU Can Impose Tariffs On $4B Of US Goods

The World Trade Organization (WTO) today officially authorized the European Union to impose $4 billion a year in customs duties on imports from the United States in retaliation for Washington’s subsidies to US aircraft manufacturer Boeing. However, according to Bloomberg, these duties are not expected to be introduced before the presidential election. The US has […]