Andrej Babis
EPP Group Calls For EU Anti-Oligarch Law

The EPP Group has condemned the self-dealing of EU subsidies by PM Babis and is taking steps to put an end to it. EPP announced plans to introduce an anti-oligarch law. The law will ensure the fair distribution of EU subsidies. It will be used as a tool to combat conflicts of interest among politicians. […]

V4 Leaders Meet In Prague To Discuss Energy, Migration and EU

The Visegrad Group (V4 – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary) gathered in Prague today to discuss energy, migration, trade, and the EU. The parties confirmed their agreement on the issue of migration at the Summit in Prague. Still, they fundamentally differ in their view of Europe’s energy future.  Austria is opposed to nuclear power and […]

New EU Space Agency Will Be Based In Prague

A new EU Space Program Agency (EUSPA) will be based in the Czech Republic from 2021. It will be created by extending the GSA, which manages the European satellite system Galileo in Prague. The agency will grow from the current 100 to around 700 people. Representatives of the Ministry of Transport announced this at a […]