EU Countries Split Over Joint Response To Energy Price Spike

The European Commission will examine the benefits and risks of joint gas purchases, which are supported by some European Union countries in response to the current rapid rise in energy prices. This was said today by EU Commissioner Kadri Simson after talks with EU energy ministers. At the same time, despite calls for swift action, government representatives […]

EU Anti-Trust Chief Warns Of More Anti-cartel Raids

The European Commission (EC) is preparing further raids on companies suspected of participating in cartel agreements. This was said by EC Vice-President Margrethe Vestager, who is also in charge of competition. She also criticized the illegal agreements that companies make with each other and in which they promise each other that they will not drag employees. Last […]

EP Adopts Pandora Papers Resolution Naming Babis And Others

The European Parliament (EP) deplores the fact that the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, together with a number of other high-ranking representatives of EU countries, appeared in the revelations of the international journalism project Pandora Papers. In a resolution in response to the debate from the previous sitting, MEPs called for better measures to combat tax […]