EU Leaders Attend Summit In Person For 1st Time This Year

European Union leaders and their large following of diplomats and advisers met Friday in Portugal for two days of in-person talks, signaling their belief that the threat from COVID-19 on the continent is waning amid a quickening vaccine rollout. The pandemic was a constant presence, however. Meeting face-to-face for the first time this year, the […]

Europe’s Economy Slides Back Into Recession

The European Union’s economy is back in recession. Gross domestic product (GDP) fell 0.4 percent in the first quarter due to the effects of the pandemic, following a decline of half a percent from the fourth quarter. According to Eurostat. The economic downturn was even more pronounced in the euro area, reaching 0.6 percent from […]

Russia Expels European Diplomats Over Czech Claims About 2014 Explosion

Russia has expelled seven European diplomats from Slovakia and three Baltic states over accusations by the Czech Republic that Russian spies were involved in an arms depot explosion in 2014. The Russian foreign ministry announced Wednesday that three diplomats at the Slovak Embassy in Moscow, two officials at the Lithuanian Embassy and one official each from the […]