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EU Moves To Require Single Charging Method For All Mobile Devices

In the future, a single charger should be enough to charge any mobile phone or tablet sold in the European Union. The European Commission today presented a proposal for rules that will require all manufacturers to adapt to the USB-C standard. According to the EU executive, the unification of the end of the charging cable should make […]

Lithuania Urges People To Throw Away Chinese Phones

Lithuania on Tuesday urged its citizens not to buy mobile phones from the Chinese company Xiaomi. According to the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, the facilities have a built-in ability to recognize and censor content that bothers Beijing, Reuters reported. The Chinese company did not respond to the Lithuanian ministry’s claim. “Our recommendation is not to buy new […]

Brussels Rejects Request For 2nd Delay In Conflict Of Interest Inquiry

The European Commission has rejected the Czech request for a 60-day postponement regarding comments on how the control of conflicts of interest in the distribution of European subsidies has improved. The deadline was set for them on Wednesday 22 September in a letter available to the server last Friday. Minister for Regional Development Klára Dostálová stated at today’s press conference […]