Von der Leyen Vows EU Will Fight Hungary’s Anti-LGBTQ+ Law

The European Commission has pledged to take action against a Hungarian law bans portraying homosexuality and gender transitioning in content for minors. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and a member of his cabinet, Justice Minister Judit Varg, rejected the criticism. “The Hungarian bill is a shame,” von der Leyen von der Leyen said Wednesday morning […]

YouTube Wins Copyright Fight In Top EU Court Ruling

YouTube and other internet platforms are not normally responsible for copyright infringement on videos and other files shared by users. The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled today. However, if social network operators knowingly contribute to the dissemination of protected works, they could also violate the law, the highest body of EU justice […]

Will The Delta Coronavirus Variant Cancel Europe’s Summer Vacation?

The coronavirus variant delta is slowly but surely settling in Europe, and with it concerns about the development of the epidemic situation in the summer months. According to an analysis by the Financial Times (FT), the “Indian” mutation, in addition to Britain, already dominates in Russia and Portugal and is spreading rapidly in Germany and […]