Is the Czech Republic on the verge of legalizing same-sex marriage?

After the lower house of parliament passed a bill changing the Civil Code to enable same-sex couples to marry in the Czech Republic, President Milo Zeman stated he would veto it. People of the same sex may soon be able to marry in the Czech Republic, according to a bill passed by the lower house […]

The Czech Republic To Buy 24 F-35s Amid Russia’s War on Ukraine, Ministry Says

“Given the worsening security situation,” Prague says, it must bolster air forces now. The Czech Republic aims to buy 24 F-35 Lightning II stealth aircraft to replace their present fleet of 14 Gripen fighter jets, according to the defense ministry, in the latest step by Prague to fast transition to NATO-standard weapons in reaction to […]

Czech foreign minister unveils priorities for EU presidency

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsk detailed his ministry’s priorities for the Czech Republic’s impending EU Presidency. He emphasized the importance of continuing to assist Ukraine, strengthening the EU’s military and security mechanisms, and promoting democratic institutions and the rule of law. The Czech foreign minister stated that his country is prepared to take on the […]