Zeman Appoints Roman Prymula Minister Of Health
Babis Tells Health Minister To Quit After Lockdown Breach

Prime Minister Andrej Babis called on Health Minister Roman Prymula to resign or else be sacked after being photographed at a restaurant Wednesday night in breach of the government’s strict coronavirus restrictions. Babis called Prymula’s behavior shocking. “There’s no other solution than his resignation from the post,” Babis said. “It shouldn’t have happened.” Babiš also […]

Babis Apologizes As Coronavirus Surges

The Czech Republic’s coronavirus crisis is now so bad that when Prime Minister Andrej Babis stood in front of reporters during a live news conference Wednesday, he did something few leaders often do. He apologized to the people. Five times. Babis, who is overseeing one of the worst coronavirus epidemics globally, admitted he and his […]

Pirates Call On Babis To Apologize For Downplaying Virus

The Czech Pirate Party has called on Prime Minister Andrej Babiš to apologize for his statements downplaying the coronavirus in September. Olga Richterová, the Vice-President of the Pirates, called on the Prime Minister to do so in the Chamber today. She cited the prime minister’s statement on September 13 about the low number of people […]