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Trump Threatens Trade War Over Czech Digital Tax

Czech Digital Tax The United States is threatening the Czech Republic with a Trade War if it implements its planned digital tax. “We reserve the right to impose retaliation if the tax is discriminatory against US companies,” the US government source told HN saying that the US sees the Czech digital tax proposal as discrimination. […]

Shanghai Cuts Ties With Prague

The city of Shanghai’s city government announced the suspension of official communication with Prague. Shanghai’s retaliatory move is in response to Prague signing a sister-city agreement with Taipei, Taiwan. Shortly after terminating a similar agreement with Beijing. Reuters reports on the spat, excerpt below. While Czech President Milos Zeman has pushed ties with China, he […]

EU Demands Return Of Agriculture Subsidies

The European Commission wants the Czech Republic to return 1.16 billion crowns paid out in agricultural subsidies, iROZHLAS.cz reports.  The sanction is based on an audit that took place three years ago. At the time, the auditors examined the introduction of the so-called active farmer institute to determine whether the subsidies were actually used by farmers. According […]