Hackers Hijacked IPR Prague’s Servers To Mine Cryptocurrency

The Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) has become the latest target of a cyber attack. Hackers used the institute’s servers to mine cryptocurrencies, Lidovky.cz reports. “There was no damage to the system, but its performance has dropped dramatically, to as much as ten percent,” said Boháč. The operation could return to normal mode […]

Right To Use A Weapon In Self-Defense To Be Enshrined In Czech Constitution

Czech lawmakers approved an amendment that will enshrine the right to use a weapon in self-defense in the Czech constitution – a new right that will be included in the country’s Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms. The amendment was approved in reaction to the revised EU’s Firearms Directive applicable since 2018, setting stricter rules […]

Russia Bans Feed Supplies From Czech Republic

The Russian veterinary and phytosanitary service have banned the import of feed and its ingredients from the Czech Republic, the Russian news agency TASS announced. Rosselchoznadzor itself in its statement informs of a temporary restriction on imports of these products with effect from 21 June. The Czech Ministry of Agriculture responded today by announcing that […]