Slovakia’s airspace to be protected by Czech Republic from September

Bratislava is in talks to send its MiG-29 aircraft to Ukraine. The Czech Air Force will patrol the Baltic airspace until the end of September, Defense Minister Ernochová said this week, extending the deployment by two months. According to Ms. Ernochová, the decision was taken in response to a formal request from Lithuania and does […]

Residents to get up to CZK 16,000 for Electricity, Gas, and Heating

The lower house of the Czech Parliament has approved the bill on the so-called “economical tariff.” This is a program to assist homeowners with paying their electricity and gas bills for the next heating season. All of the MPs who were present voted in favor. The program envisions the state compensating all residential consumers for […]

Use of Nicotine ‘Candy’ for School children to be intervened by the Czech State

Deputies from the ANO party and the Czech Ministry of Health want to change the law to outlaw the use of nicotine substitutes in pouches or candies, which have long been lawfully available to youngsters. Because the goods do not include tobacco, they are not banned under existing regulations in the same way as cigarettes, […]