Zeman Unfit For Office: Senate Security Committee

According to the Senate Security Committee, Miloš Zeman is not fit to hold the office of President of the Republic. The Senate will decide on this proposal to remove Zeman as head of state next week. According to the constitution, his possible verdict on Zeman’s incompetence to hold the presidency would have to be confirmed by the House. The chairman of the committee, Pavel Fischer (independent), told reporters today. The president’s spokesman Jiří Ovčáček called the decision of the Senate Committee an attack on constitutionality, freedom and democracy. According to him, the move of a group of senators raises serious suspicions of the crime of subverting the republic.

According to Fischer, in his statements, Zeman showed, among other things, from the Vrbětice case that he is disoriented, miscites the constitution and interprets reality in a way that confuses consequence with cause. “It is not acting in accordance with its promise, it is in violation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms towards the media,” said the chairman of the committee.

According to Fischer, the committee drew on Zeman’s public statements. The chairman of the committee pointed out, among other things, Zeman’s repeated statement that there are more investigative versions of the explosions in Vrbětice in the Zlín region in 2014. Zeman repeatedly stated this, despite repeated statements by investigators, secret services and Prime Minister Andrei Babiš (ANO) about the only investigative version, according to which Russian secret service agents are behind the explosions.

According to Fischer, the President’s statement in the case of Vrbětice is the culmination of Zeman’s statements, which threaten the security of the Czech Republic. The president cannot distinguish classified information from public information, said the chairman of the committee. He also pointed out that Zeman did not comment on the Vrbětice case until a week after the whole matter was revealed.

“A completely false attack by an organized group of senators on the President of the Republic is an attack on constitutionality, freedom and democracy,” he wrote on Twitter. Shepherd. “The move of a group of senators raises a serious suspicion of a criminal offense under Section 310 of the Criminal Code – the subversion of the republic,” he said. He later added that it is “an organized coup attempt at the stage of birth.” “Law enforcement agencies should act on their own without delay,” he added.

The Constitution states that “if the President of the Republic is unable to exercise his office for serious reasons, and if the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate decide to do so,” the powers of the Head of State pass to the Prime Minister, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

Last year, the upper house proposed a constitutional lawsuit against Zeman. She accused him of inaction in the case of the appointment or removal of members of the government or his actions in violation of the official foreign policy of the Czech Republic. The impetus for the lawsuit was the alleged influence of the judiciary by the president and employees of the Castle. The Chamber of Deputies, in which Zeman’s supporters from the ranks of ANO, CSSD, KSCM or SPD have a majority, did not approve the filing of the lawsuit.