Milos Zeman Andrej Babis


Anxious ANO Announces Support for Zeman as Drahos Gains Lead

Prague, (CTK) – Prime Minister Andrej Babis’s ANO called on its members, voters and followers to vote for President Milos Zeman in the second round of the presidential race as he is an experienced politician and ANO identifies itself with his attitudes, Jaroslav Faltynek, head of the ANO deputy group, said today.


In the first round, ANO did not issue any recommendations for voters, but Babis, the ANO head, said he would vote for Zeman.


Last week, Babis’s government did not receive confidence in the Chamber of Deputies and it will tender its resignation to Zeman later this week.


Zeman said earlier he would entrust Babis with forming a government at the second try, too. However, this time he demands that Babis first musters the support from at least 101 members of the 200-seat Chamber of Deputies.


The second round of the presidential race is set for January 26-27.


The chances of Zeman and his challenger, academic Jiri Drahos, are almost the same.