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Babis Shocked By Communist Policy Demands

Andrej Babiš, ANO, Communist, CSSD, KSCM, Miloš Zeman, Vojtech Filip

Prague, May 12 (CTK) – Richard Brabec, a deputy chairman of Prime Minister Andrej Babis’s ANO, is surprised at the Czech Communists (KSCM) saying earlier today that they cannot support a government pledging to reinforce foreign missions in its policy statement, Brabec told journalists today.


“If this remained a part of the government policy statement, the support from the KSCM would be impossible,” party leader Vojtech Filip said.


The draft policy statement includes a promise of reinforcing the Czech presence in Afghanistan and Iraq.


It also speaks about a contribution to the NATO armed forces in the Baltic states and the rapid response forces.


The position on foreign policy differs between ANO and the KSCM, but with the Communist statement, the discrepancy became more categorical, Brabec said, adding that the affair would have to be discussed by Babis and Filip.


Brabec said he only knew about the affair from the media, since the KSCM had not officially informed ANO.


“Personally, this is for me and probably also for my fellow party members a surprise,” he added.


Brabec said it was necessary to find out the exact dimension of what the Communists resented.


He said the talks between Babis and Filip might take place next week.


However, there is still enough time for an agreement because the KSCM said today it would only decide on its tolerance of the government after June 15.


On that day, the Social Democrats are to publish the result of their intra-party referendum on whether to enter a coalition government with ANO.