Babis Supports New Referendum On Brexit: BBC

Andrej Babis European Union

London/Salzburg, Sept 20 (CTK) – Czech PM Andrej Babis and Maltese PM Joseph Muscat have said in an interview with the BBC British broadcaster that they are for a new referendum to be held in Britain on its EU membership.

In 2016, the British voted for the country’s departure from the EU.

PM Theresa May has resolutely rejected the idea of a new referendum being held.

Babis (ANO) told BBC that he is very unhappy about Britain leaving the EU and that it might be better to stage another referendum.

He said he also regrets London’s decision because Britain has been very close to the Czech Republic in the EU, for example as a member staying outside the euro zone.

The idea of a repeated referendum on Brexit has also been supported by Muscat, who said most of his counterparts in the EU would be glad if the almost impossible came true and Britain staged a new vote.

A well-informed EU official told journalists off record, reacting to Babis, that it is not up to EU countries to propose a new British referendum.

In many of their previous statements, the EU leaders and the European Council head Donald Tusk have said they regret the decision democratically made by British citizens, but respect it, the official said.

At the informal meeting of EU leaders in Salzburg, Austria, last night, May clearly confirmed that no repeated referendum is being planned by London.