Benzina Grows Sales Over Kc23 Billion

Benzina Petrol Station

Prague, June 7 (CTK) – Benzina petrol station network operator, which belongs to Unipetrol group, raised sales including excise duties by an annual rate of 30 percent to Kc23.4bn in 2017, Benzina head Marek Zouvala told CTK today.


Benzina said previously its operating profit rose by nearly a half to Kc1.4bn annually.


With 404 petrol stations, Benzina is the market leader


The company has invested Kc2.5bn in the network’s modernisation since 2012, expanding a scope of services, launching a new Stop Cafe concept and introducing new fuel Efecta, Zouvala said.


The economy is doing well and the people’s purchasing power is rising. People are willing to spend more, showing interest in premium fuels which are more expensive, he said.


Benzina has increased its market share from 2014’s 15 percent to 21.6 percent nowadays partly thanks to a recent takeover of 60 OMV petrol stations, the company said.


Fuel sales have increased by 86 percent and sale of non-fuel products by 61 percent since 2012, with refreshment sales soaring by 294 percent, Benzina said.


It is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its establishment.


A survey of GfK company showed that Benzina is the most famous petrol station brand in the Czech Republic, known by 96 percent of its population.


Benzina merged with another unit Unipetrol RPA at end-2015, becoming an affiliation to Unipetrol RPA.


Unipetrol is the only oil processing company in the Czech Republic, being part of Poland’s PKN Orlen since 2005.


Hungary’s MOL is number two company on the Czech market, operating 306 petrol stations at present.