Milos Zeman
Vystrcil Says Zeman ‘Is Not In Good Hands’

The Office of the President of the Republic has not yet answered the chairman of the Senate Miloš Vystrčil (ODS) question regarding the prognosis of Miloš Zeman’s health condition and whether he is able to hold his office. He therefore asked the Central Military Hospital (ÚVN), where Zeman is being treated, and to his attending physician […]

Moneta Shareholders Oppose PPF Group’s Takeover Bid

Petr Kellner’s PPF Group’s second effort to take over Moneta Money Bank is once again encountering resistance from shareholders. The British fund Petrus Advisers strongly opposed the proposed transaction. In the presentation to the shareholders, they called it a poisoned offer. The fund stated that the offer is without substance and was dreamed up by […]

Tax Cuts Will Take Effect On Jan 1

The tax package will take effect in early January. The Interior Ministry has already received an order from the Chamber of Deputies to announce it. It will be published in the Collection of Laws on 31 December. In December, the bill was approved by deputies and senators. President Miloš Zeman did not sign it, but […]