Matt Atlas

Communist Riot Officer Ondracek to Lead GIBS 

Communist MP Zdenek Ondracek will lead the GIBS Parliamentary Commission for GIBS. The lower chamber elected him in the second round of secret choice. Possible engagement of the Communist MP headed by the security corps’ supervisory board has criticized Ondráček’s involvement in suppressing anti-regime demonstrations before November 1989. Part of the deputies questioned the election.

The dispute over Ondráček led domestic politicians for several weeks. Critics point out that during the Palach week at the beginning of 1989 he intervened as a member of the contingency contingent against anti-regime protesters. 

The ANO movement, which holds the strongest club in the House, even called on the Communists to nominate someone else to the head of the police oversight committee. The Communists, however, referred to such calls as cadres and insisted on Ondraček’s nomination to the head of the Audit Commission.

For the first time, however, they were in a minority position. When the presidium of the Parliamentary Control Commission of the General Security Inspectorate decided last week, he had only 85 votes in secret , he needed nine more. 

KSČM Chairman Vojtěch Filip urged in this connection that the lower house would not turn into a campaign of one of the presidential candidates – the candidate for the presidential post, Michal Horáček, called for the vice-president.

Now, in the second round of the election, the legislators were more receptive to the nominee from the Street of Political Prisoners, despite the criticism of Ondráček’s past. The politician, whose communist engagement is also advocating holding a security clearance, is now sitting at the helm of the House of Commons for the police control body; in the election he received 95 out of 179 votes, and thus received five more votes than was necessary for the election.