Czech Auto Industry Shows Signs Of Recovery

In the first seven months, sales of new passenger cars fell by 23.6 percent year on year to 114,799 vehicles. According to the Association of Car Importers, despite the sharp decline, the market has been gradually recovering in recent months, with sales falling by 9.3 percent in July.

The first is the Škoda brand with a share of 38.5 percent, followed by Hyundai with 9372 cars and Volkswagen with 8954 vehicles. Fourth is Dacia, followed by Toyota. Both carmakers have sold over 5,000 vehicles. Private sales account for 27 percent.

The best-selling models are the Škoda Octavia (12,304), the Škoda Fabia (9817), the Škoda Scala (4819), the Škoda Karoq (4709) and the Škoda Kamiq (4411). In sixth place is the Hyundai i30 (4039).

The most popular are SUVs with a share of over 35 percent. They are followed by small cars with almost 17 percent and medium vehicles with 13.5 percent. In terms of fuel, cars with petrol engines lead, with 76,247 sold. Diesel cars are in second place, with 33,058 cars. So far, 1,110 electric cars have been sold, which is more than three times more year-on-year.

Registrations of new light commercial vehicles fell 26.4 percent to 8,701 cars. In July, they were lower by almost 19 percent. The first is Volkswagen, with 1091 cars sold, and Fiat is second (1025) and the third Peugeot (1001).

This year’s most significant declines in sales can be seen in trucks. So far, 3802 of them have been sold, 41.4 percent less year-on-year. In July alone, however, sales rose 42.8 percent. The first is Mercedes-Benz, followed by MAN and DAF.

On the other hand, bus sales are growing by 11.6 percent to 801 cars compared to last year. In July, year-on-year growth was 71.6 percent. The best-selling domestic brand was Iveco Bus, followed by SOR and MAN.
Motorcycle sales also increased by 4.3 percent to 13,879 machines. The first is Honda, with 2797 registered motorcycles, followed by Yamaha (1297) and CF Moto (1056).

Statistics on sales from abroad also evidences the gradual recovery of the automotive industry. For example, in the United Kingdom, new car registrations rose by 11.3 percent to 174,887 for the first time. However, total sales for seven months are still more than 40 percent lower. In the last month, sales have also increased, for example, in the United States, where 14.52 million cars have been sold this year.