William Malcolm

Czech Car Sales Down 23% In January

In January, sales of new passenger cars on the Czech market fell by 22.7 percent year on year to 14,794. The market was negatively affected by coronavirus measures. Dealers have reported the lowest car registrations since 2014, according to the Association of Car Importers.

The first is the Škoda brand with 5,731 registered passenger cars, followed by Volkswagen with 1,618 cars, Hyundai with 1,177 cars, Mercedes and Ford. The best-selling model was the Škoda Octavia, which 1,365 customers purchased. The Škoda Fabia and Škoda Kamiq models follow.

The share of company cars rose to 82 percent in January. The best-selling SUVs. In terms of fuel, gasoline leads with a share of 62.7 percent. Sales of electric vehicles fell by 40 percent year on year.

Registrations of light commercial vehicles fell by seven percent year on year to 1,168 vehicles. The first is the Ford brand with 162 registered cars. The second is Peugeot and the third Volkswagen. Diesels had a 92 percent share. Truck sales fell 17.9 percent to 495 vehicles. The best sellers were Mercedes Benz, Volvo, and MAN.

Bus registrations rose 51.7 percent to 138 cars. The first is the domestic manufacturer SOR with 65 registered buses, followed by the Iveco Bus with 44 vehicles and Setra, which sold 21 buses.

Motorcycle sales fell by more than a quarter to 520 machines. The first is the CF Moto brand with 81 registered motorcycles, followed by Honda, KTM, Yamaha, and BMW.