Petr Dubinsky

Czech Doctors Urge Govt To Tighten COVID-19 Restrictions

The Czech Medical Chamber (ČLK) has called on the government to tighten measures against the spread of covid-19 immediately. Itpoints to the increase in the number of deaths and infections among seniors and health professionals. In the last few days, the number of newly tested positive people has stagnated.

There were more than 15,700 new proven cases on Wednesday, the most since the beginning of the epidemic in the Czech Republic.

The epidemic situation in the Czech Republic is still dire, possibly the worst in all of Europe.

According to the chamber, vulnerable groups of the population failed to protect themselves. The number of infected seniors is rising. In October, about 14.5 percent of all new positive people were over 65 years of age. “In the past week, 1,230 patients died, and this week, despite all the efforts of health professionals, another 1,500 people will die,” he added.

According to Kubek, this confirms that the current anti-epidemic measures have managed to slow down the deterioration of the situation, but they cannot stop the epidemic in time. One week ago, the Board of Directors of ČLK called on the incoming Minister Blatný to submit a proposal to the government for their tightening.

“The idea that we can manage the epidemic without serious economic losses is a dangerous illusion. The longer the covid-19 epidemic spreads uncontrollably, the higher the economic losses will be. In the current state, we cannot survive until the spring,” Kubek added.