William Malcolm

Czech News Center Announces Leadership Shakeup

Libuše Šmuclerová, CEO of the Czech News Center media house, will resign on 1 January. She will continue to be the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The current CFO, Tomáš Stránský, will be the new CEO. Juraj Felix remains Co-CEO.

As the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of CNC, Šmuclerová will focus entirely on the CNC development strategy. The CNC Media House, formerly Ringier ČR and subsequently Ringier Axel Springer CZ, has continuously been managing as the General Manager since March 2007. Since April 2020, as one of the two directors.

The relocations’ aim should be to focus as directly as possible on the fundamental changes that the media have had to face, especially recently, both in business, technology, and in the protection and development of quality publishing content.

Stránský graduated from the University of Economics and subsequently joined Ernst & Young ČR sro as an auditor in 2000. In 2004 he started working for Ringier ČR as a financial controller, from 2008 as a financial and administrative director, and subsequently from 2011 for Ringier Axel Springer CZ. Since 2013, he has been the CFO and a member of the CNC Board of Directors.

Juraj Felix is responsible for managing advertising, online development, video content, and events. Under the responsibility of Tomáš Stránský, finance, HR and marketing, production and distribution of the press.

CNC is one of the two strongest media houses in the Czech Republic, with millions of print and Internet media readers. The main titles include the dailies Blesk, Aha !, E15 and Sport, magazines Reflex, Blesk pro ženy, Svět motorů or AutoTip or the news portal Info.cz. According to the Union of Publishers, its printed titles are read by over 3.1 million readers. He also owns two printers, in Prague and Ostrava. It is a subsidiary of Czech Media Invest (CMI), co-owned by Czech billionaire Daniel Křetínský.