Matt Atlas

Czech Police Seek Prosecution of ANO Babis and Faltynek: Ask Parliament to Strip their Immunity

Police have requested the lower house of Parliament to strip ANO leader Andrej Babiš and ANO deputy chair Jaroslav Faltýnek of their parliamentary immunity opening the way for criminal prosecution. The two politicians were earlier charged with EU subsidy fraud but their prosecution was halted when their regained their immunity in October’s general elections.
The police request comes less than 24 hours after the newly elected chamber of deputies assembled for its constituting session. It will now be up to the Mandate and Immunity Committee to consider the request and make a recommendation to the assembly which will take a final vote on the matter. 
This will inevitably complicate talks on forming a new government. As the winner of the elections Babiš was to have been named prime minister and has been working to put together a minority government.
Source: Radio Praha