Czech Republic Declares State Of Emergency Amid Surge In COVID-19 Cases

Andrej Babis Prime Minister Czech Republic

A state of emergency will go into effect Monday in the Czech Republic along with new restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as cases in the country continue to surge.

The government will discuss the declaration of a state of emergency on Wednesday. Beginning on Monday, secondary schools in regions with a higher risk of infection are also likely to close for 14 days; further restrictions will mainly concern leisure activities, according to Health Minister Prymula. The opposition calls the state of emergency an admission of the government’s failure and their irresponsibility. Opposition and Coalition MPs are demanding more information from the government.

The Chamber of Deputies will discuss the current situation around the epidemic on Wednesday, before the extraordinary cabinet meeting. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamáček, and Minister Prymula should come to explain the government’s intentions. At a meeting with President Miloš Zeman in Lány, constitutional officials called on Czech citizens to take a responsible approach to the coronavirus pandemic.

Prymula says the new measures against the disease’s spread will not fundamentally affect the economy. Still, they could reduce the number of guests in restaurants and shopping centers.

“Leisure time and activities are everything. Gatherings will be restricted,” Prymula said. Unlike in the spring, however, there are no plans to close state borders.

According to the Minister, secondary schools are involved in half of the disease’s spread.

Prymula described the short-term partial closure of schools as the least economically burdensome.

Opposition members say that the government has not justified the need for the declaration of a state of emergency, has no vision, and has repeatedly failed to communicate with the public. The government last declared a state of emergency due to coronavirus on 12 March, which ended on 17 May.