Death of a Salesman? These Companies Beg to Differ as Door to Door Sales Boom

Direct sales in the Czech Republic have been thriving, despite door to door sales being prohibited in some localities. The growth in business has been driven by the overall good economic climate in the country.


Direct sales in the Czech Republic have grown faster than elsewhere in Europe, according to the European Direct Selling Association (SELDIA). Direct sales companies grew by 6% year-over-year, the rest of the European Union averaged a 3% increase.


More than 288,000 Czechs currently utilise the direct selling business model.  ManyCzechs turn to direct selling to supplement their primary incomes.


Companies leading the way include Herbalife, Amway, Mary Kay,  Vorwerk, Just Oriflame, Nu Skin, and Avon. In 2016 these companies enjoyed turnover of CZK6.8 billion.


Many Czechs enjoy the direct sales field due to the flexibility they provide.


In the e-commerce era how is it the direct sales method is still viable?  Many consumers find themselves longing for face to face communication and service.