Der Tagesspiegel on Zeman – A Boor, Egomaniac Populist

Berlin, (CTK) – Incumbent President Milos Zeman is a boor, egomaniac and populist with the biggest chances to succeed in the forthcoming Czech presidential election and if he succeeds, he will keep dividing Europe, the German press writes today.


The server of the paper Tagesspiegel features a commentary headlined “A Boor at Prague Castle.”


“Czech President Milos Zeman may be satisfied. Long before a series of other politicians, he decided to be a boor, a provocateur and politically incorrect man,” Der Tagesspiegel writes.


“When this Social Democrat switched to the populists’ camp, he set out on a thin ice,” Der Tagesspiegel writes, adding that the ice has so far kept Zeman afloat.


Der Tagesspiegel says that Zeman has decided not to wage an election campaign.


It adds that the Czech head of state foments fear by means of conspiracy theories, citing as an example Zeman’s claim that the Muslim Brotherhood was behind the migrant crisis.


“Until now, Islam has little, if any influence in the Czech Republic and there is no refugee crisis,” Der Tagesspiegel writes.


“Despite this, Zeman has managed to rouse latent prejudices of his fellow citizens. A crushing majority of them strictly rejects any acceptance of the displaced people,” it adds.


Zeman has also largely contributed to the reduction of the friendly mood towards the EU in the Czech Republic. By contrast, he sets his gaze towards the East, to China and even more so to Russian President Vladimir Putin.


“At any rate, Zeman conspicuously looks for his closeness, which is remarkable because excessive closeness to Moscow still has a connotation of collaboration in the Czech Republic. However, this does not harm Zeman,” Der Tagesspiegel writes.


The German version of the server Huffington Post also warns of Zeman’s closeness to Putin.


“If the 73-year politician is really elected, this may further burden the relations between the Czech Republic and the EU, while Putin may rejoice,” the web page writes, adding that during the past five years Zeman has waged a permanent campaign, constantly touring the regions.


Huffington Post also stresses Zeman’s attitude to migration, adding that when speaking about it, he describes it as an “organised invasion.”


If he wins the election, he is entering as its favorite, he might create a “populist tandem” with Prime Minister Andrej Babis, the server said.


Der Tagesspiegel describes Zeman’s character, expressing the conviction that he is a merciless egomaniac with a clear strategic aim: the power.