Dominik Feri Leaves Top 09 Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Deputy Dominik Feri stepped down from the TOP 09 today. Party spokesman Vladan Vaněk said in a press release. The party called on Feri to suspend his membership before his alleged acts of violence were investigated. A few days ago, Feri resigned at the end of May after several women in the media accused him of sexual harassment and violence. Feri rejects the claim that he committed sexual violence, but apologized for “inappropriate” or “inappropriate” behavior.

“We consider the information about Dominika Ferim that appeared in the media to be very serious. We consider the accusations and actions attributed to him to be unacceptable not only for public officials, but also for anyone else, “TOP 09 said today after an extraordinary meeting of its presidency. It expressed support for all who may have been victims of Feri’s actions.