Milos Zeman


Drahos Gains Ground on Zeman

Prague, (CTK) – President Milos Zeman would lose to former director of Academy of Science Jiri Drahos if they advanced to the second round of the presidential election as he would obtain 44 percent of the vote, but Drahos 48.5 percent, according to a poll commissioned by Czech Television (CT) and released today.


Some 7.5 percent of Czechs have not made up their mind, the poll showed.


The duel between Zeman and Drahos is the likeliest in the second round.


In the first round, Zeman is likely to receive 42.5 percent and Drahos 27.5 percent. Other people are considering voting for either of them.


Zeman’s election potential may be up to 49 percent, Drahos’s 43 percent.


The third candidate, businessman and lyricist Michal Horacek, has 12.5 percent in the election model and his potential is over 30 percent.


If Zeman were challenged by Horacek, the former would score a narrow victory with 48.5 percent, while Horacek would get 46 percent.


The poll was conducted on a sample of 1,503 Czechs between January 3 and 7.


According to the poll conducted by the polling agency STEM, too, Drahos would defeat Zeman with 48 percent against 42 percent. Some 10 percent of Czechs still do not know whom to vote for.