Drahos Serves Up Tough Questions for Zeman

Prague, (CTK) – Czech President Milos Zeman accused his rival candidate in the presidential election’s runoff, academic Jiri Drahos, of not being able to observe elementary rules of a TV debate, which the latter dismissed in their duel on Prima TV today.


Zeman blamed Drahos for not sticking to the rules of the debate on Prima TV.


Drahos rejected the objection, saying he remembered the debate topics very well and that his question about Zeman’s worst experience during his presidency was in harmony with them.


“A man who is not even able to follow such elementary rules is quite dangerous to himself and hiss surroundings,” Zeman said about Drahos, being applauded by his supporters.


Zeman’s followers often interrupted the debate by loud shouting when Drahos was speaking.


Supporters of both candidates, who will fight for presidency in the runoff on January 26-27, expressed their liking and aversion by clapping hands and booing from the beginning of the TV debate and the moderator had to calm them down several times.


He said some two million viewers were watching the TV debate.