William Malcolm

EP Infrastructure Grows Revenue And Profit In 2019

EP Infrastructure (EPIF), a subsidiary of Daniel Kretinsky’s EPH, released its 2019 financial results showing an increase in EBITDA of 13.1 percent to EUR 1.61 billion. The company’s consolidated revenues grew by 12.7 percent to EUR 3.48 billion.

“The 2019 results are particularly gratifying as the successful M&A activities at the end of 2018 were complemented by the excellent operating results of our existing operations in 2020, which applies especially to the natural gas transit segment,” said Filip Bělák, CFO of EPIF.

EPIF Vice-Chairman Gary Mazzotti added that the company does not expect a significant impact of the current coronavirus pandemic on its future results. “Despite the apparent immediate impact of the pandemic on overall economic activity, we do not expect our performance to be significantly impaired in the long run,” Mazzotti said.

EPH is made up of over 70 companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Britain, Ireland, Italy, and France.