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William Malcolm

EPH To Replace Coal With Gas At Kilroot Plant

EPH plans to replace its coal-powered plant at Kilroot in Northern Ireland with a low-emission gas unit after securing a ten-year contract to supply the transmission grid. Thus ending the company’s use of coal in Britain.

EPH consists of two main pillars – EP Infrastructure (EPIF) and EPPE. EPIF brings together EPH companies engaged in the transmission, distribution, and storage of natural gas, electricity distribution, and heat production. EPPE mainly includes foreign electricity producers and mining companies. Křetínský became the majority owner of EPH in 2017, which now holds 94 percent of the shares.

EPH has over 70 companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Britain, Ireland, Italy, and France. According to current data from Forbes magazine, Křetínský is the third richest Czech with assets worth 84.3 billion crowns.