Matt Atlas

EU Has ‘Absolutely No Need’ Of Sputnik V Vaccine

The European Union does not need the Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V and can achieve immunity on the continent by 14 July using available European production.

The European Commission is facing criticism for the slow pace of vaccination when the EU is facing an increase in new cases of coronavirus infections. As the vaccination program is picking up in Britain, which has left the union, Reuters reported.

“We have absolutely no need of Sputnik V,” Breton told French television TF1. “Today, we can deliver 300 to 350 million doses by the end of June. By 14 July, it is possible to achieve continental immunity,” he added. France on 14 July celebrates the conquest of the Bastille and the beginning of the Great French Revolution of 1789.

Breton also reiterated that the EU should help Russia produce the vaccine if necessary, but its priority should be Europeans.