Extreme Right ENF Group – Free Flow of Immigrants ‘Suicidal Madness’

Prague, Dec 16 (CTK) – The parties from the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) group in the European Parliament called for cooperation of sovereign states, rejected the present form of the EU and warned against a Muslim colonisation at a press conference held with their Prague meeting today.


French National Front leader Marine Le Pen said the EU was a catastrophic organisation that went against cultures and diversity and undermined nation-states.


“We are patriots, we defend sovereignty,” she said.


Le Pen said the United States, Russia and China acted on their own, too.


Tomio Okamura, leader of the Czech Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) movement that organises the meeting, said Europe is threatened with a Muslim colonisation.


We are true Europeans, but Europe cannot be a denationalised state controlled by Brussels elites, Okamura said.


Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom, said “instead of being soft Europe must be tough because there is no alternative.”


“If we fail, our identity, our culture will cease to exist. Our Judeo-Christian and humanist civilisation is something we should fight for,” he said.


Wilders said Europe must reinforce its doors and barricade its windows against immigrants unless it wants to see become 30 percent of the Swedish population and 20 percent of the Austrian and German population to become Islamic by the mid of this century.


This would be a threat to the Czech Republic, he added.


Opening “our back doors” to immigrants is “suicidal madness,” Wilders said.


He praised the Hungarians for building a war against immigrants and U.S. President Donald Trump for introducing travel bans.


“We must have the courage to repatriate illegal immigrants, the courage to de-Islamise and be unwelcoming to the ideology of Islam,” Wilders said.


Okamura said Europe is threatened by a degradation of traditional values and suppression of patriotism. He said multicultural liberalism is actually absolute nihilism.


Wilders appreciated that the Freedom Party (FPO), which is part of the ENF group, stroke a deal with the People’s Party in Austria on Friday. He said it is good that the FPO is taken seriously and be in the government.


The ENF is the smallest group in the European Parliament, nearly half of its 37 MEPs being from Le Pen’s party, five are from the Italian Northern League and four from Wilders’ party.


The parties want to release their vision of cooperation of sovereign states at the Prague conference today.


Protests of hundreds of people are held outside of the hotel on the southeastern outskirts of Prague in which the meeting is organised.


The three leaders of anti-migrant and anti-Islam parties today dismissed that they were xenophobic.