Hacker Convicted Of Blackmailing Babis Receives Suspended Sentence

Andrej Babiš

Ostrava, North Moravia, Aug 23 (CTK) – A hacker, 20, was convicted of blackmailing Prime Minister Andrej Babis and received a suspended sentence last week, court spokesman Lukas Delong told journalists today.


Two years ago, the man was repeatedly sending online threats to Babis.


“This is a 12-month sentence suspended for 24 months. Besides, his computer will be forfeited,” Delong said.


The youth said he was part of the hacker group Anonymous. He demanded that Babis cancel a part of the new lottery law.


He presented photos of Babis’s wife and his children.


“If the EET [electronic sales registration] made it through, we will be tougher, quite brutally. You StB man, this is the last warning,” the youth wrote in one his threats.


Babis says he was registered as an agent of the Communist StB secret service unrightfully.


The youth also said he would publish the data on Babis’s daughter on one of the erotic dating sites. Babis denoted this as a serious harm to him.


The prosecutor also said the youth had software allowing cyber attacks on his computer. Along with Babis, the attacks aimed the Government Office and the Finance Ministry.