Hyundai Nosovice Plant

William Malcolm

Hyundai Nošovice Resumes Production

Hyundai’s Nošovice factory resumed production today. It is the first large company in the Czech Republic to go back to work after a three-week shutdown due to the coronavirus.

Initially the factory will operate on two shifts instead of the regular three. 
The company is taking extra precautions to ensure employee safety. The plant will be disinfected several times during the day and night shift time will be used for cleaning.

Production in Nošovice was interrupted on Saturday, March 21. Dozens of suppliers from Europe and others from South Korea are linked to the automobile factory, now these companies are also resuming production. 

The Nošovice plant is the only Hyundai plant in the European Union. It produces 1500 cars a day, last year it produced 309,500 cars. In 2018, the company generated a profit of CZK 7.22 billion and revenues of CZK 129.26 billion.