William Malcolm

Liberty Ostrava Loses Pricing Dispute With Tameh Czech

In the dispute between Liberty Ostrava and Tameh Czech over energy prices, the Office for the Protection of Competition ruled in favor of the supplier Tameh. According to the Antimonopoly Office, it does not have a dominant position, and therefore there is no presumption that it would abuse such its position.

“The Antimonopoly Office has repeatedly proved us right. According to his announcement, according to the framework agreement valid until 2029, Tameh cannot freely choose its customers because everything it produces must be delivered to Liberty Ostrava, “commented Tameh spokesman Patrik Schober.

The smelter did not state whether Liberty Ostrava would take the decision or take further legal action against it. “Intensive negotiations are underway to settle the entire dispute between the companies,” said only Liberty Ostrava spokeswoman Barbora Černá Dvořáková.

The dispute has been going on for almost a year when Liberty Ostrava disputed the energy prices Tameh was charging and began paying less. In May, Liberty Ostrava announced that both the antitrust authority and the Energy Regulatory Office had started resolving the price dispute based on its complaint. The situation subsequently escalated until Tameh temporarily suspended energy supplies. The difference in the amount due and the amount paid is in the hundreds of millions of crowns.