Petr Dubinsky

Mired In Scandal Over Journalists Murder PM Robert Fico Offers Resignation

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Bratislava – Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico offered his resignation as part of a solution to the political crisis after the assassination of journalist Ján Kuciak and his girlfriend. Fico told journalists today. But Prime Minister Andrej Kiska, who, in accordance with the constitution, appoints a new prime minister, will respect his current Coalition for Social Democracy (SDS), the Slovak National Party (SNS) and Most-Hid.


The Prime Minister’s removal means the fall of the entire government, which has two years remaining until the end of its mandate. The President has not yet announced his position.


After Fico’s resignation, the current coalition wants the government to continue, even though the smallest Most-Hid government party at the beginning of the week was conditional on staying in the coalition by an agreement on early elections.


Fico also made his resignation conditional on his new Smer-SD party, the new prime minister, who won the election in 2016. Fico said that if the head of state agrees with the conditions, he is ready to resign on Thursday and introduce the candidate for the new prime minister. According to media, he could become Deputy Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini or Finance Minister Peter Kažimir.


“I think it is important that the current government coalition continues to fulfill the mandate of the voters,” said Fico, “but it is our duty to continue the will of the people and not to hand over the state without any reason to the opposition amateurs and goblins. He added that he intends to remain Chairman of the SD-SD.


The current coalition of Směr-SD, Slovak National Party and Most-Híd has 78 deputies in the 150-member chamber. Along with the coalition, four non-attached Members usually vote. After Fico’s resignation, the new government would have to ask for a vote of confidence.


“We appreciate the decision of the Prime Minister, and we think that this decision can also make the situation more relaxed.” The new government is a new responsibility and a continuation of what we started two years ago, “Béla Bugár, head of Most-Hid said.


Parliament Speaker and CSR chief Andrei Danko used his speech to journalists as well as criticism of the opposition, whose representative he described as “cluster of madmen”.


The major reconstruction of the government or the announcement of early elections more than a week ago was proposed by President Kiska. Prime Minister Fico has accused the head of state of playing power games.