MP Zdenek Ondracek: Communist-Era Riot Cop To Head GIBS Security Corps

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Prague, March 2 (CTK) – Communist (KSCM) MP Zdenek Ondracek was elected head of the Czech Chamber of Deputies’ commission supervising the General Inspection of Security Corps (GIBS) today, election commission head Martin Kolovratnik (ANO) has announced.


Ondracek’s nomination for the post has raised a controversy due to his past of a police officer under the Communist regime and a member of the riot police unit, who took part in a crackdown on anti-Communist demonstrators in 1989.


Ondracek said he does not regret that he was a police officer under the Communist regime and he would not change any of the decisions he made as a policeman. He said he believes he never violated any law.


In the second election round, deputies preferred Ondracek to Zuzana Majerova Zahradnikova (Civic Democrats, ODS). Ondracek received 79 votes, one more than it was necessary for this election, while Majerova Zahradnikova was supported by 57 MPs.


Ondracek and Majerova Zahradnikova advanced to the second round, while none of the candidates received the necessary support. The third candidate was Pirate Mikulas Ferjencik.


Ondracek was running for the post repeatedly. The Chamber of Deputies did not elect him either last December or in January. He was the only candidate for the post then.


The right-wing opposition sharply criticised Ondracek’s election today, pointing to his communist past. They called it sad and scandalous.


TOP 09 deputy chairwoman Marketa Pekarova Adamova said the election of Ondracek was another proof of cooperation between the government ANO of PM Andrej Babis and the Communists.


Mayors and Independents (STAN) chairman Petr Gazdik said Ondracek’s election was a slap into the face of Czech democracy.


It is sad to have a Communist who was suppressing demonstrators under the previous regime as head of the lower house security body, Christian Democrat (KDU-CSL) MP Marek Vyborny said.


He and Pekarovou Adamova agreed that this was extremely sad in view of the 70th anniversary of the Communist coup this year.


According to the total number of votes, it is apparent that not only the KSCM MPs voted for Ondracek as the party has just 15 seats in the lower house.


Ondracek said he was screened in 1990, became a police investigator and an anti-corruption police member with a security clearance of the National Security Office (NBU).


GIBS was formed on January 1, 2012. It checks and prosecutes members of the police, customs authority and prison service as well as their civilian employees if there are crimes associated with their work and its staff themselves.


The GB drew attention these days after the information emerged about PM Andrej Babis (ANO) calling on it chief Michal Murin to resign. Babis said he had no trust in Murin. He raised doubts in his moral and professional integrity as well as the inspection’s financial management.


Murin said he would not resign.


The National Security Council (BRS) will deal with the matter on Thursday. The Chamber of Deputies security committee will meet to debate the issue as well.