William Malcolm

Pilulka Launches Startup Accelerator

Pilulka, a digital company operating in the healthcare and retail pharmacy sector, is launching the Pilulka Lab startup accelerator. They are launching it in cooperation with StartupYard, which is the longest-running technology startup accelerator in Central Europe. The project is aimed at companies from Central and Eastern Europe in the eHealth tech space.

Pill Lab plans to invest up to one million euros in individual startups. In the case of more advanced projects, individually and more. In order for a startup to be accepted into the accelerator, it must be based in one of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and focus on the healthcare digitization sector or related areas. Specifically, Pilulka Lab is looking for technological startups operating in the areas of artificial intelligence, blockchain, medical data, healthcare and active life support.

“I believe we will be working in Pilulka Lab with great projects with great entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry in the years to come. We will try to find and support with funding, experience and network potential unicorns. At Pilulka, we fully believe in digitalization and transformation of healthcare to bring better care to people in the CEE region” announced Martin Kasa, co-founder of Pilulka.

The acceleration program will be provided by StartupYard in the early stages of development, while the Pill will provide financing and access to the healthcare segment. Up to 15 startups are to be accepted into the acceleration program.

“StartupYard is delighted to join forces with Pilulka. Together, we are ideally positioned to help ambitious eHealth founders achieve their goals. The past few months have confirmed, if needed, that innovation and technology must be at the center of our focus if we want to tackle global health issues. With funding and business support, Pilulka Lab will look for ambitious founders working on unique high-tech eHealth solutions” says Cedric Maloux, CEO of StartupYard.