Andrej Babis


Pirate MP Avoids Sanctions For Bashing Babis Abroad

Andrej Babiš, ANO, CSSD, KSCM, Miloš Zeman, Pirates

Prague, May 22 (CTK) – The Czech lower house mandate and immunity committee did not start disciplinary proceedings with MP Mikulas Peksa (Pirates) today over his words on EU subsidy abuse referring to PM Andrej Babis (ANO), its chairman Stanislav Grospic (Communists, KSCM) has told reporters.


Nevertheless, the committee called on all deputies to refrain from making inappropriate statements abroad.


Babis claims that Peksa offended him at a meeting with Swedish MPs when he spoke about him as the prime minister who abuses and steals subsidies and is criminally prosecuted. Peksa defended himself by saying that it was just a statement of facts.


Babis is being prosecuted on suspicion of an EU subsidy fraud in the Capi hnizdo farm case.


“Clearly, this was not an offence,” the committee’s member Jakub Michalek (Pirates) said about Peksa’s words today. He added that he had no idea what type of statements would be inappropriate, though.


“The committee signalled clearly that each deputy, regardless of a political party, has to observe the principles of decent conduct, expression and be aware of their obligation to defend the Czech Republic, and not to play a role that would harm it abroad,” Grospic said.


The committee members also declined another complaint, aimed against ANO MP Helena Valkova. According to the server, Valkova used the personal data of a specific child when criticising the procedures of the child social and legal protection authority and custody courts. Grospic said her statement was covered by the freedom of speech in the Chamber of Deputies.


Disciplinary proceedings may result in monetary sanctions up to the amount of one MP salary.