Petr Dubinsky

Police Investigate Mynar’s Silence On Zeman’s Health

The police will start an investigation into a possible illegal act, in which signs of crimes against the republic can be seen. She stated this on Twitter in connection with information that was heard at Monday’s press conference of the Senate. She added that she could not provide further information now.

Senate President Miloš Vystrčil (ODS) said on Monday that, according to the Central Military Hospital, President Miloš Zeman was unable to perform any work duties. According to Vystrčil, the head of the presidential office, Vratislav Mynář, knew about the hospital’s opinion from 13 October, who nevertheless mediated Zeman’s meeting with the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Radek Vondráček (YES) in a hospital room to sign the decision on the Chamber of Deputies.

The Criminal Code classifies among the crimes against the Czech Republic, among other things, treason, sabotage, or subversion of the republic. Treason is committed by a Czech citizen who “in connection with a foreign power or a foreign official” commits a subversion of the republic, a terrorist attack, terror, or sabotage.

The subversion of the republic is committed by a person who “with the intention of subverting the constitutional establishment, territorial integrity or defense of the Czech Republic or destroying its independence” participates in violent actions against the Czech Republic or its bodies. On the other hand, the use of violence is not necessary for sabotage – it is committed by a person who intends to damage the constitutional system or the Czech Republic’s defenses abuses his job, profession, position or function to frustrate or hinder an important task such as a public authority.

For sabotage, there is a risk of three to ten years of imprisonment or forfeiture of property at the basic rate. For treason, 15 to 20 years in prison, forfeiture of property or even an exceptional punishment can be imposed.

The castle has not yet commented on the Senate’s Monday information. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) wrote on Twitter today that it would be best if Mynář resigned immediately. “What he has shown is absolutely unacceptable,” he said. writes with reference to two sources from the security community that the events surrounding the president are also dealt with by the Security Information Service (BIS). Counterintelligence spokesman Ladislav Šticha generally said to the server that the BIS has constitutional protection within its competence. “The Security Information Service obtains, collects, and evaluates information on phenomena, intentions, and activities that directly or in their consequences seriously endanger the Institute,” he said.

According to earlier information from the Neovlivní.cz server, the BIS also monitored Zeman’s advisor, Martin Nejedlý. She obtained information on his Russian contacts and business activities.

Due to the events surrounding the president’s hospitalization, people filed a criminal complaint last week. The Prague High Prosecutor’s Office announced that it had received a submission relating to Zeman’s Thursday meeting with Vondráček. The announcement was also made by the representative of Prague 4 Petr Kutílek (Prague 4 to himself – the Greens and the National Library), according to which Mynář, Nejedlý, spokesman Jiří Ovčáček and possibly other people in Zeman’s surroundings could appropriate the authority, abuse powers sabotage. Doctor Martin Jan Stránský, on the other hand, is convinced that people around the president may have been injured by negligence and failure to provide assistance. According to him, the President’s state of helplessness on Sunday’s arrival at the hospital could have been caused either by absolute unprofessionalism and negligence of the ambulance staff, or it is a normal condition of the head of state.

According to the Aktuálně.cz on Monday two criminal reports related to the hospitalization of the President and the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office. Once it has considered the complaints, it forwards them to the locally competent public prosecutors.

Today, the Senate leadership will work with the chairmen of the parties represented in the newly elected Chamber of Deputies to resolve the procedure for the temporary transfer of the president’s powers during Zeman’s indisposition. When activating Article 66 of the Constitution, with the consent of both chambers of Parliament, the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies would share part of the powers. The current Chamber of Deputies, including its Speaker Vondráček, will expire on Thursday. Vondráček said that the transfer of powers should be decided by the new Chamber of Deputies, which will meet for the first time on November 8. Today, the Senate Constitutional Commission unanimously agreed that the conditions for the transfer of powers of the President were met.