William Malcolm

PPF Telecom Group Sells €500M In Bonds

PPF Telecom Group successfully placed a four year €500 million Eurobond. The Bond matures on 20 May 2024 and carries a fixed annual coupon at the rate of 3.5 percent. Investor interest was strong as the private order book oversubscribed by 2.2 times.

“We are delighted by the interest that our investor calls raised despite the unfavourable circumstances brought about by the pandemic and very pleased to see new investors alongside those who bought into our first two issues. The third point on our yield curve that we successfully placed today under difficult market conditions and to a further diversified investor base is a proof of PPF Telecom Group’s credit quality,” commented Kateřina Jirásková, CFO of PPF Group.

The Bond initially priced at 3.875 percent, but high demand prompted PPF to reduce the price to 3.6 percent. Investors were primarily asset managers with the majority of orders coming from the United Kingdom (30 percent), Germany (16 percent), France and the Benelux, the company said.