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Matt Atlas

Prague International Airport Plans CZK 55 Billion Expansion

Prague international airport is expanding to accommodate growing passenger demand.


Vaclav Havel Airport will expand Terminal 2 by 2028 at the cost of CZK 16 billion, Prime Minister Andrej Babis said in a press conference Wednesday. Over the next 30 years, the airport plans to invest CZK 55 billion in improvement projects. Such as an additional runway slated to begin construction in 2025. As well as a train line to Prague. Other long-term projects include the utilization of unused land at the airport. Possible uses include a hotel, development center, sports grounds, or a medical center for tourists.


The airport has reached its maximum capacity.  16.8 million passengers traveled via Prague international Airport in 2018 and 17.7 million are expected in 2019. The expansion of Terminal 2 will increase passenger capacity up to 30 million a year by 2025.