William Malcolm

Rohlik Group, A Czech Grocery Startup Lands Funding To Expand Across Europe

Rohlik Group, a Czech on-demand grocery delivery startup has raised 190 million euros (about five billion CZK) from investors. Finance will help the company expand faster in existing markets for the planned entry into Germany and invest in technology and improve service. The company informed about it in a press release.

The leading investors are the Partech fund established in San Francisco and Paris and the global company Index Ventures. It supports, for example, food and logistics start-ups such as Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Good Eggs. The European Bank also provided investments in the Rohlik Group for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), J&T Banka, the independent global investor Quadrille Capital, the Czech family investment firm R2G, the current investor Enern.

“We expect our activities to boost the market and force all players in the retail market to accelerate. Unlike other players in online food delivery, we do not only focus on a limited selection of items and their fast delivery, but we want to meet the real needs of families across Europe.” said the executive director of the Rohlik group Tomáš Čupr.

Rohlik Group closed the past calendar year with a turnover of over 300 million euros (7.8 billion CZK), which is an annual increase of more than 100 percent, and 750,000 customers. Rohlik.cz has been operating in the Czech Republic since 2014.

The Rohlik online supermarket is part of the Velká Pecka company, in which entrepreneur Tomáš Čupr owns the majority share. The partner is the investment group Miton.