Slovak PM Robert Fico: 2 Aides Resign After Links To Italian Mafia Exposed

Bratislava, Feb 28 (CTK) – Slovak PM Robert Fico’s two aides whose former business links to persons probably standing close to Italian mafia were highlighted in an article that reporter Jan Kuciak wrote before his murder, have left their posts pending the investigation, they announced today.


The officials are head of the National Security Council head Viliam Jasan and Fico’s assistant Maria Troskova.


Their departure was demanded by the opposition, joined by a junior government partner, Most-Hid.


On Tuesday, Fico, who heads the senior ruling Smer-Social Democracy, still defended the two aides.


“The linking of our names to this repugnant deed [murder of the journalist] by some politicians and media goes absolutely beyond all limits. Since our names have been misused in the political struggle against Prime Minister Robert Fico, we have decided to leave our posts at the Government Office pending the completion of the investigation into the case,” Jasan and Troskova wrote in a joint statement which the Slovak Government Office’s press department released to CTK.


They expressed deep sympathy to the families of Kuciak and his girlfriend, both 27, who were shot dead last week, probably due to his work as an investigative journalist.