William Malcolm

Solek Sees Profit And Revenue Growth In 2020

The Czech energy group Solek Holding SE had a profit of 69 million crowns last year. The company’s revenues were almost 649 million crowns. Solek Holdings designs, builds and operatessolar power plants, mainly in Chile.

Back in 2019, according to the annual report stored in the electronic collection of documents, Solek ended up with a loss of CZK 11.6 million with a turnover of CZK 66.8 million.

In Chile, the Solek holding completed 15 projects at the end of last year and currently has 100 megawatt (MW) power plants at its disposal. Next year, in addition to Latin America, Solek wants to focus on the countries of southern Europe.

In addition to Cyprus, where the company entered this year, the new markets could include Hungary, Greece or France, where the company has already sent its team. “However, it is still true that almost 90 percent of the Solek Group’s output is made up of power plants in Chile, the remaining ten percent is accounted for by Romania, the Czechia and Slovakia,” the company said in a press release.

The company’s goal is to have 500 MW of total installed capacity within two years. It could be helped by cooperation with the French investment bank Natixis, which this spring provided the holding with $ 85 million (in terms of 1.8 billion crowns) for 110 MW power plants in Chile.

The company sees its future not only in solar energy, but is also interested in other opportunities in the field of renewable sources. He believes in the future connection of photovoltaics with battery storage or hydrogen production.

Solek was founded in 2010 by the entrepreneur Zdeněk Sobota. The company’s headquarters are in Prague, with offices in eleven countries. It operates power plants in four countries in Europe and South America. The company employs over 210 people. More than half operate in Chile.