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State Could Save Kc2 Billion By Taking Over Tolls

Prague, Jan 14 (CTK) – If the Czech state operated the current motorway toll system by itself, it would save at least Kc2bn in ten years, Karel Feix, CEO of Czech Kapsch, said in a press release today.


Kapsch operates the toll system in the Czech Republic now, the current contract will expire at the end of 2019.


Consortium of Slovak SkyToll and CzechToll won a tender for the toll system’s ten-year operation with the offer of Kc10.7bn.


However, UOHS antimonopoly office cancelled the tender in May. The Transport Ministry said today that is still backs the completion of the current tender.


“We still believe that we will complete the toll tender,” said the ministry’s spokesman Zdenek Neusar.


The ministry at the same time prepares a substitute solution for the case that its appeal against the UOHS’s decision fails, said Transport Minister Dan Tok.


The ministry wants to present the alternative solution to the government by the end of June, Neusar added.


Feix thinks that by running the toll system, the state could cut operating costs at its own discretion and thus save money.


Toll system’s operation by the state is a European trend. It started in Austria and Slovenia, and Poland will follow this year. Germany will also collect toll by itself from September, he said.


“SkyToll’s offer of ten-year toll collection for Kc10.7bn is disadvantageous for the state. Costs of toll collection with the current system would be at only Kc8.9bn,” Feix said.


Kapsch wants to offer sale of its operation to the next government. The company offered it several times in the past but with no result, Feix said.


Neusar reacted by saying that the ministry has not yet received any official offer from the company.