William Malcolm

Unipetrol Sees Third Quarter Revenue Bump Of 36%

In the third quarter of this year, the petrochemical holding company Orlen Unipetrol increased its revenues by 36 percent year-on-year to 35.8 billion crowns. The company’s performance also improved, the company recorded a gross operating result of 2.4 billion crowns against an operating loss of 0.6 billion crowns in the same period last year. This follows from the data presented on the company’s twitter , which ČTK compared with the company’s results a year ago. The company did not provide the figures for the three quarters of the year together.

According to the company, the improved economic recovery, the intensification of freight and passenger transport, as well as developments in the construction industry, contributed to the improved management. “The gross operating result was positively affected by favorable margins in the petrochemical segment, and our retail sales again had a significant share in it,” said the holding’s CEO Tomáš Wiatrak.

The volume of crude oil processed by the companies in the third quarter this year was 1.93 million tons, about one percent more year-on-year. The company also stated that in the third quarter of this year it invested 2.3 billion crowns, which is almost twice as much as in the same period last year.

According to Wiatrak, the group wants to focus in the coming years on investing in decarbonisation, reducing energy consumption, using renewable resources, recycling plastics and using advanced biofuels. “We intend to invest 30 billion crowns in projects in these areas over ten years and we are investing another five billion crowns in digitization so that we will be emission-neutral in 2050 at the latest,” added Wiatrak.

He reminded that a fire safety polygon for practical training of employees and firefighters was put into operation at the Litvínov plant during the past quarter. The company has also completed the revitalization of the cooling system of the partial oxidation unit and continues to build a unit to produce a new product, dicyclopentadiene (DCPD).

The Benzina Orlen network, which belongs to the Orlen Unipetrol Group, is the domestic leader in the number of petrol pumps. In another tweet today, the holding stated that its share of the Czech market is 25.4 percent. Benzina Orlen operates 421 filling stations in the Czech Republic and another 16 in Slovakia. At 319 Czech and 14 Slovak stations, it has refreshments for the Stop Cafe gastronomic concept.

The Orlen Unipetrol Group is the largest refining and petrochemical company in the Czech Republic. It focuses on oil processing and the production, distribution and sale of fuels and petrochemical products – especially plastics and fertilizers. Since 2005, Unipetrol has been part of the Polish PKN Orlen Group, which has been the sole owner of the company since the year before.